Butterfly stilshot

Butterfly stilshot

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Happy Saturday family! I just woke up from an absolutely wonderful nap. One that truthfully I had not intended to take at all lol. I sat down to eat lunch and then report to lappie (my laptop lol) for some writing. I ate lunch and sat back for a moment. An hour later I woke up wondering to myself when I fell asleep. I have to be honest though I feel so refreshed, inspired and ready!

I think my body said "We've got her still, GET HER!" It's funny. Sometimes as a Type A person I feel as though stopping to rest is slowing me down but I was really just reminded that rest actually fosters productivity. There are some things that you can do well tired. But I've noticed when my body is refreshed I have much more mental clarity and am more effective. While I was sleep I could feel the Holy Spirit speaking to me giving me ideas and sorting out thoughts that I've been playing with all morning. Really? All I had to do was go to sleep lol? YES! When we can truly get quiet and still we are able to be more in touch with our spirit and hear what He desires to speak to us. This can happen if we are sleep or awake. Have you ever awake with fresh ideas and you knew He had been speaking to you? Isn't it the best feeling ever?

Now the things I had planned to do I still have plenty of time to do but instead I'm refreshed and rejuvenated. Rest indeed has fosters productivity and not the opposite.

If you are a fellow Type A-er like me I encourage you rather I challenge you to GET SOME REST! I take vitamins and supplements and the whole nine but there truly is no substitute for rest. And I must say this for the "I'll sleep when I die" folks. Kingdom prosperity does not look like that. Jesus himself rested. What is the point of building a life that you are too busy, tired, sick or not even around to enjoy because you ignored your body's needs. Longevity is a part of true prosperity and success. Most truly successful people I've met have learned to add rest and refreshing to their priorities. Some have unfortunately had to learn the hard way. I decided before my body sent me a loud warning; I'm going to heed the whispers and rest.

If you're yawning at the computer now lol, GO GET SOME REST!