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Manicured Mommies

Manicured Mommies is here for all the moms who know that it's ok to be a mommy and still be fly. As moms we may have to alter our beauty regimens, but we can still have them. Here you will find quick tips to keep up your sexy while rearing your little ones.

The 5 Minute 5 Step Face
by: Tiffany Bethea

Mommies it's morning time and you've just pulled yourself out of bed and rushed in to get the little one ready. You barely feel like getting dressed and getting moving yourself. The last thing you feel like doing is beating your face. Can't it wait? NO! Take 5 quick minutes to invest in your appearance and watch the affect it has on your mood all day. (Take my word for it.) Here are five quick steps to get you off to a beautiful start:

1. Face Powder- Hopefully you at least cleanse your skin daily. Don't take your freshly cleaned skin outside with all of the airs contaminants. Protect your skin with a face powder. Lightly dust on your powder and blend in for an even smooth complexion. You'll be surprised how great just a smooth complexion will make you feel.

2. Eyebrow Kit- Nothing can change the landscape of your face like eyebrows. Having neatly shaped brows can really accentuate features and frame your beautiful face. Keeping them sharp daily can add to your look and make major impact. Invest in a good eyebrow kit and use it daily. Simply apply the power and wax to the brows to accentuate the shape. This one step add major boom to your look!

3. Blush- This is one of many people's least favorite cosmetic but it is one of the most underused one also. The right blush will add youth and glow to your look. If you are not sure what colors look best on you, consult a makeup professional who can help you. Blush can also double as a contour and add some shape to your face. Lightly Dab your favorite blush on your cheeks for massive subtle impact.

4. Eyeliner- Eyeliner to me is one of the most abused cosmetics. Overused and underused women don't realize how much impact eyeliner has on the overall look. Apply the eyeliner to the lip of your eyelid for the look of fuller lashes and a pop to the eye. For daytime looks, even a subtle brown or deep color not quite black will have just the same effect. Apply also to the lower eye to complete the look.

5. Lipcolor- And finally we address the pout. Pick the lipstick and/or gloss of your choice to add some color to your look. Lucious reds are a popular choice for evening looks and subtle warm glosses or matte lipcolor is popular for daytime looks.

I must warn you that if you are new to makeup or not altogether comfortable this may not take you five minutes initially, but keep practicing, you'll get your time down. We as women and mothers must not forget how important it is for us to be at our best on all cylinders. That includes feeling from the inside out. I hope this has helped you and your fabulous self.

"Her clothing is fine linen and purple..."
Proverbs 31:22